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Stuff and Nonsense

A random collection of things that happen.
File Ogg Vorbis audio All our operators are busy
Starting to get fed up with telephone pests ringing up at all hours, I had a hack on my Asterisk installation the other day.
Software Project application/rdf+xml CKAN2RDF
SPARQL endpoint mirroring package metadata.
Software Project C source code Triples from Traffic
Generate RDF triples from the Department for Transport traffic flow estimates.
Software Project Tomcat Registry
Tomcat Registry dynamically registers information about Tomcat hosted servlets using Bonjour service discovery.
Software Project Ethos
Ethos is the trusted ontology repository in project Eagle.
Software Center text/texmacs Projects
Discovering SPARQL
Ontology Content Type for Plone
Plone is a natural choice for managing ontologies and to act as an ontology repository.
File application/msaccess IMDB
The Internet Movie Database ontology
Slug Trails
The Linksys NSLU2 (aka Slug) is an excellent platform for a remote data logging and forwarding. These are the steps I took to set things up to get data from a weather station onto our sailing club website.
Image PNG image Source & Ontology Class Diagram
A simple class diagram showing the Source and Ontology classes with attributes.
Plone Ontologies
Plone as a SPARQL endpoint will need, at least conceptually, some ontologies. To be a truly dynamic set of components, we should be able to build our ontologies programmatically based on the underlying schemas. Here's a stab at describing the mapping between Plone's portal_catalog and OWL.
Ontology Driven Distributed SPARQL
Plone and SPARQL
One side to the Plone/SPARQL coin is to let Plone expose its catalog as a SPARQL endpoint. The other side lets Plone/Zope access remote SPARQL endpoints and deal with result sets.
Project Name
A project needs a name.

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