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Stuff and Nonsense

A random collection of things that happen.
Core Components
We will use the term "components" rather than "services", to enforce the idea that the system parts are re-usable and exchangeable.
Core Standards
Project Eagle is based entirely on Open Standards, most of which are Semantic Web standards from the World Wide Web Consortium.
Project folder for codename Eagle, a core set of semantic web standards capable components for distributed search and reasoning.
BackupPC seems like an ideal solution to invisibly backing up multiple laptops, but it's not that straightforward to install.
Mashing up FUSE and OWL
File PDF document The phenotype and function of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-specific memory CD8+ T-cells in the peripheral blood of healthy EBV carriers.
PhD Thesis. CRC Institute for Cancer Studies. University of Birmingham, UK.
Rebuilding a Fedora Core kernel for the Acer Ferrari 4005
The Acer Ferrari 4005 works well with Fedora Core 4, but the kernel needs to be rebuilt in order to be able to determine the battery state, due to a buggy ACPI DSDT table.
File PostScript document Categorical Modeling of a State Oriented Version of Linear Logic
Several systems that promise a logical view of state in programming have been proposed in the literature. We investigate the syntax and semantics of one of these systems called LLMS, developed by Uday Reddy. We show that the existent categorical definition of a model of LLMS is too conservative and introduce a neat way of revising the definition. We give a concrete construction in a Dialectica category which forms a sound categorical model for the system.
Fedora Core 3 Installation Notes
Some notes about the trials and tribulations of installing FC3 on my laptop.
Ely's Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Work Log Spring clean
Work Log chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Video card
July 2004
Work Log Misc issues
August 2004
Work Log Sorting out figures
Work Log Printing
Work Log RPMs and printing
June 2004

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