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Stuff and Nonsense

A random collection of things that happen.
Work Log Zeck disappear
May 2004
Personal Items
contains personal workarea items for ely
ely's Home
Home page area that contains the items created and collected by ely
March 2004
Work Log Navigator in Explorer
Work Log WikiLiver
Work Log Unidata NetCDF document VL and VNC
February 2004
Work Log Dodgy Date
NI Tutorial
I took part in a three day tutorial of the Network Inference toolkit. Here are some notes.
Work Log C source code header VL Searching
Work Log Husky and VL
Work Log application/x-latex VL and latex
Work Log Pascal source code Husky backup
Work Log Spring cleaning
January 2004
January meeting
Mathis and I met up to discuss current priorities, mostly with respect to the Virtual Library, but also about his thesis and zeck.
Work Log VL, zeck and thesis
Work Log Configuring Showcase 2 and 3

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