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Zeck Zope log

Log of Zope configuration on

  • Started up zope on ellen, using old (October 2002) database.
  • Added config to apache /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to rewrite urls from to go to ellen:
           RewriteRule ^/old(.*) http://ellen/VirtualHostBase/http/$1 [L,P]
  • Found pre-hacked zope database on ellen, after mounting /dev/sdc1 on /home/Librarydisk, at /home/Librarydisk/local/zope/var
  • Moved old (October 2002) database on ellen to /var/zope/var/Data.fs.old
  • Copied pre-hacked database to /var/zope/var/
  • Restarted zope on ellen and examined
  • Exported Chronic Pain Talkk to file on server (ellen).
  • Copied across to zeck:
           scp '/var/zope/var/Chronic Pain talk.zexp' zeck:/var/zope/import/
  • Imported into zope on zeck

Synchronizing stuff

  • Packaged ZSyncer 0.4.6 as an RPM.
  • Installed apt on zeck:
             rpm -Uhv
  • Added apt repository at floop to '/etc/apt/sources.list':
             rpm i386 stable
             rpm-src i386 stable
  • Updated apt database and installed ZSyncer:
             apt-get update
             apt-get install ZSyncer
  • Installed same version of ZSyncer on ellen, only without using apt:
             rpm -Uhv
  • Copied over some of the stuff from ellen, although had problems with
    1. url "old" -- perhaps ZSyncer doesn't do url rewriting properly with vhm.
    2. ZopeBox -- perhaps too much stuff to copy across.
  • Registered ZWiki with Plone following destructions at

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