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Mashing up FUSE and OWL

FUSE is the Filesystem in Userspace and there are quite a few mashups already, including my current favourite mp3fs.  The great thing about FUSE is that it allows us to put a subject oriented view on our heirarchical filesystems.

So what about making a filesystem for RDF and OWL?  Why would this be useful?

How about: I've got my photos in iPhoto, and the iPhoto folder gets regularly backed up to a server.  However, the folder is full of things like thumbnails and the photos are put in folders based on the year, month and day they were taken.  And then a load of metadata is in the album.xml file, which uses Apple's pdata syntax.

So, I'd like for other applications to be able to browse the photos in a better way, e.g. by album, or by some keyword or other metadata.

If I were to use RDF/OWL, I could imagine a filesystem whose root directory corresponds to owl:Thing and whose subdirectories are the direct subclasses of owl:Thing.  The files in each directory are the direct instances of that directory's class.  For arbitrary object properties, we could create a directory based on the name of the instance with some suffix (e.g. relations), in which we could create directories for each
object property.  The entries in these directories could be symbolic links to the corresponding files in their standard (class based) place.  Datatype properties would either have to be mapped to some metadata in the file, or listed in a text file again with some suffix appended to the instance file (e.g. .info).

So we'd get a structure like:

Cory October 2006
at the hairdressers.jpg
at the

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