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State of the Art

Currently, user stories can be added anywhere in a plone site. They are simply a container for a title, story and estimate. See UserStory10 for an example.

Adding Workflow

The next stage is to be able to involve user stories in a workflow, so that we can collaborate on their production, estimation and prioritization.

Zope Corporation have a nice example of creating workflows using CMF (which Plone is based on).

A workflow consists of a set of states an object can be in, along with a set of transition actions which can be taken by different members according to their role.

In the case of a user story, an example collaboration could be:

  1. An analyst generates a story, based on discussions with an end user.
  2. The story is submitted for estimation.
  3. A developer estimates the amount of effort, in days, it would require to complete the story. This may require discussion with the analyst or end user to interpret the meaning of the story.
  4. Once estimated, the story is submitted for prioritization along with all the other stories. The end user decides which stories should make up the next iteration, and prioritizes accordingly.
  5. During an iteration, the developer keeps track of how the story is progressing by estimating how complete it is.
  6. A user or analyst may decide to reprioritize stories during an iteration.

From the above, we can extract the roles, states and transitions between them:


whose job it is to create user stories based on their understanding of the user's ideas.
End user
whoever uses the software and expresses their ideas to the analyst.
whose job is to estimate effort, design and create the software.


  • pending estimation
  • pending prioritization

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