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January meeting

Mathis and I met up to discuss current priorities, mostly with respect to the Virtual Library, but also about his thesis and zeck.


  • Look at zen and a router. Tell Mathis about options and prices.
  • Estimate user story to add "Near" search to the Virtual Library, where words are near one another in the text.
  • Mathis is really just interested in the year a document was published, so we can safely ignore months, days etc. for now.
  • Mathis wants the search results to have the following columns: Name 1 (primary author only); year; journal; title.
  • "More info" should be the place for an abstract, rather than it appearing in the search results.
  • Split out the first author and the rest.
  • Check XML for things like first author, full author, name etc., address, publication type, MeSH taxonomy, truy title, language.
  • Look at backup of zodb from zeck.
  • Find out where upload link is and ensure it's available on all pages, e.g. on footer (this could be down to the problem with zope and the authenticated user not being noticed).
  • Anonymous can search but not see raw pdfs, only metadata. Anonymous can not edit metadata.
  • Authenticated can search, retrieve pdfs, submit and edit metadata.
    • Distinguish between guest users and individuals.
  • Make the icon (PDF etc.) the anchor for showing the document, rather than the title, since it makes it easier to select the title into the clipboard.
  • Make author a link to search for articles with that author.
  • Check multiple logins... (dunno what we meant by that).
  • Abstract shouldn't be required. (According to the document properties, it isn't, but check anyway).
  • Creation date separate from publication year.
  • Sort out error when searching etools on Fong98
  • Description should be abstract in metadata (the label, although this issue is bigger and should be taken care of by using multiple ontologies.)
  • Look at separating out metadata ontologies, e.g. Dublin Core, Medline, Mathis, ...
  • Pop up definition, comments in metadata entry.


  • Remove FetchMetadata button from edit page in VL
  • Tell Mathis about Kopete.
  • Install new kernel on zeck
  • Find out about printing and fonts on ibr108
  • Title in VL is limited width
  • Default article type to "Article" on submission.
  • Check unicode error on Kern1999.
  • Flag up documents without metadata.
  • Spring clean zeck.
  • Set up IMAP on zeck, so that Mathis can have somewhere accessible to store his email centrally.
  • Create user stories from the above and estimate for prioritisation.

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