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Husky and VL

Mathis wanted to copy files across to his zaurus using sftp, unfortunately there are some problems. There are also a whole bunch of VL bugs and wishes.


Jan 27, 2004 12:00 AM

Jan 27, 2004 12:00 AM

SFTP (2 hours) * Figured that sftp worked for everything but renaming files. Verified that this is the case even with command line. * Tried a bunch of things, including upgrading the openssh stuff on the zaurus to 3.7.1p1 (a beta release). * Couldn't get it to work, so have fallen back on unison. Installed this on ellen and created an icon and profile for the oggs. Tried running it, but ran out of space. VL (5.25 hours) * Added all bugs and wishes to the issue tracker for easier tracking and categorisation (can e.g. change the priorities). * Got closer to the bottom of the unicode issue, eventually adding a '/usr/lib/python2.1/site-packages/' file in order to force the default encoding to be latin-1. Hopefully this will get rid of the rest of the "unable to convert ASCII" problems. * Fixed a bunch of bugs and even some wishes, adding some more problems along the way.



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