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Spring cleaning

After zeck was exploited last year, Mathis' files were copied all over the place. It's time to figure out what is where and get some order back. At the same time, backups need to be automated and the network sorted out.


Jan 16, 2004 12:00 AM

Jan 16, 2004 12:00 AM

Zeck: 1/4 hour * Had a packet sniffer running on zeck looking at the DHCP (BOOTP) traffic for the past day. Looking at what's going on, it seems the wireless router was running a DHCP server at the same time as zeck, dishing out IP addresses >, which explains a few things. Maybe now Diana's laptop will stop ignoring DHCP responses from zeck, and Mathis can stop rebooting. Husky: 1.25 hours * Found in /etc/pcmcia/network|network.opts functions callet start_fn and stop_fn which are run after a hotplugged network device is setup / before it is brought down. * Added /etc/network/if-down.d/znetbackup to /etc/pcmcia/network, stop_fn as an experiment to see if the thing is run when husky is suspended (switched off normally). * Some problems running znetbackup: * Had to install rsync. I thought I'd already done that, but I got "an ipkg": and installed it. * ssh to zeck needed to be set up with public / private key authentication, so generated a key as root: 'ssh-keygen -t rsa' *without setting a password*. * Decided that the root account on husky at least needed a password, so have set one up. This *will* affect things like sftp etc. from remote hosts. <span class="todo">Set this up at least for user mathis on ellen.</span> * Some minor changes to /home/root/Applications/zNetBackup/options to configure for husky. Changed destination to /usr/local/zaurus-backup/husky-(data)|(full) * Set up /home/root/Applications/zNetBackup/dirs.(data|full) to backup /home/zaurus/(Documents|Applications|Settings) and (/home|/usr/mnt.rom/card) for data and full backups respectively. * Tested and it seems to work ok. * Refactored /etc/cron.daily/rotate-zaurus-backups and the directories under /usr/local/zaurus-backup to distinguish between zora and husky backups. * <span class="todo">Test by switching husky off and back on again.</span>



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