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VL and latex

There are numerous little fixes to make to the VL, along with some nasty unicode bugs which need tracking down. Also, Mathis has some issues with latex and emacs.


Jan 21, 2004 12:00 AM

Jan 23, 2004 12:00 AM

Wednesday: 2.25hrs * Removed abstract from search results page, since it's in the "more info" window. * Results page shows only first author (note that's the first author listed in the Dublin Core "creator" property, rather than anything fancy) and if there are more just appends standard et. al. * Removed link from title, for easier ability to cut/paste. * Attempted to remove the requirement that some of the fields must be filled in. This must be done currently in two steps: unclick the 'required' field in the management screens; remove the HTML in the document_edit form. * Removed "FetchMetadata" button. * Removed restriction on title length. * Ran 'cvs update -APd' on Mathis' thesis and checked that it compiles ok using make. * Wrote some emails, mid:<> and mid:<>, on various ways to use emacs, latex and kghostview. * Worked at trying to make an equation in the thesis look right. It might be worthwhile using real variable names in the equation (e.g. m_1 = mass of something in grammes, etc.) rather than explaining each within the equation along with its units. Thursday: 3.5hrs * Put up "issue tracker": and entered some issues Mathis mailed me with. Still needs some work to see that issues are resolved :( * Fixed VL problems: * uploading documents to VL, * wrong link to documents from icon and * entering non-ascii characters in web-forms. (Not that this last is a bit of a hack, assuming that the string entered uses that latin-1 encoding.) * Rebuilt and patched DocumentLibrary to accommodate above non-ascii fix. * Partitioned, formatted and mounted Mathis' new hard drive under /backup. <span class="todo">Need to add a new user for Diana's backups.</span> * Added journal, volume and pages metadata to document schema, edit page and info page. * Added journal and date column to search results. * Added journal extraction to etools. <span class="todo">Re-get metadata using etools for each article with a pubmedid</span> Friday: 0.5hrs * Added rule to thesis/figures makefile to generate a JPEG from a TIF and replace spaces in filename with underscores. * Changed results.tex accordingly, and checked in. * Looked at issue with table and graphics appearing strange. Mathis' generated PDF file looked ok, it was the DVI which looked dodgy.



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