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VL, zeck and thesis

Zeck seemed to have disappeared after Mathis rebooted it, although it was still sending status reports to rhubarb. Also, Mathis wanted some work done on the Virtual Library along with figures in his thesis.


Jan 14, 2004 12:00 AM

Jan 14, 2004 12:00 AM

Zeck (15 mins) * Found zeck's IP address from rhubarb:/var/log/messages, bsmon. * Checked zeck:/var/log/messages for ddclient, which seemed to complain that it wasn't updating the IP address because it was last updated in March this year. Looks as though the real-time-clock wasn't set right and things got confused. Need to check to see if this is a problem for anything else. * Removed /etc/ddclient.cache and restarted ddclient. Virtual Library (2 hours) * Added a document from /home/mathis/ForVirtualLibrary/ into testAddLocalDocuments, finding some problems when multiple articles are returned. * Added all new documents under /home/mathis/ForVirtualLibrary by changing testAddDocumentsUnder to point there. * Tried running against the automatic metadata grabber, although it looks as though most documents give multiple hits since there are no titles in the added documents. * Added page for reviewing all documents which have no pubmed_id, i.e. those documents for which a match using e-tools couldn't be established. Thesis (4 hours) * Added a couple of packages: subfigure -- lets you do figure 1a, 1b etc. rotating -- gives some rotated environments like sidewaysfigure and sidewaystable. * Added a macro for doing captions like Nancy did them in her thesis, with a title in bold and the rest in normal text. * Added Makefile in figures directory for converting tiffs and bmps into jpegs. jpegs should be used when the image is a natural one, bmps tend to be huge since there's no default compression. For line drawings, try to create and edit the image in a vector format, otherwise save as a png. * Figured out how to do subfigures. * Removed some \pagebreaks -- these should only really be needed at the last stages of writing, since otherwise TeX might put its own pagebreaks in. If they're there for figures, then you can use the figure options to declare whether you want them all on their own page [p], etc. See the LaTeX companion under the figure environment. * Looked around for ways of converting MS office documents to something usable. * Simplest way for the time being is less automatic... it depends how many times we'll have to do the same thing as to whether it's worth spending the effort scripting it. * E.g. getting figures out of the FiguresForBonzoArticleForJI.ppt file done by opening in OpenOffice1.1.0, selecting the figure, then exporting PDF, export selection, use print resolution.



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