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Worked on WikiLiver. Updated zeck and commited DocumentLibrary changes to svn. Got TGZWikiNavigator mostly working again. Took on administration of ibr108.


Feb 23, 2004 12:00 AM

Feb 28, 2004 12:00 AM

Monday: 2.25hrs * Found issues with current WikiLiver, after it had been upgraded, since DTML had been disabled. Instead of enabling it, I followed the instructions on getting rid of old style UserOptions, RecentChanges, SearchPage type pages. * Edited **some** pages in WikiLiver containing references to these old pages. * Rolled and installed most up to date ZWiki 0.27.1 as an RPM. * Committed changes to DocumentLibrary to version control and rolled a new RPM. * Updated zeck with latest security and bugfix RPMS, including latest kernel. Needs reboot. Friday: 5.5hrs * Ran WikiLiver/FrontPage/upgradeAll to re-render all the pages, since there were some issues with old data. * Added permission for anonymous users to be able to edit all wiki pages under WikiLiver. * Added in a cascading stylesheet to wikipage_macros. * Re-gigged the withNavigator frameset to make it simpler to track down some issues Mathis has been having. * Found that causes problems with the javascript logic as it introduces a new toplevel frame, under which the navigator frames sit. * Re-gigged the javascript onload code to work this out and attempt to call the navigator app only when the navigator frame is available. This gets rid of those "javascript errors". * Adjusted some code in the navigator applet to render the 2nd level nodes better. * Adjusted 'all_links()' method under WikiLiver to get back the proper IDs of pointed to pages from all wiki pages. * Repeatedly tested under windows explorer to try to figure out what it's problem is. Found an applet at which seems to work fine on explorer and has multiple jars etc. but still can't figure out why IE should barf on 'withNavigator'. The TGZWikiNavigator.jar is loaded, but the class still can't be found. Note that this is the reason there are "errors on this page" in explorer. * Installed java on ibr108, but haven't been able to test wiki navigator yet due to problems with vnc.



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