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Sorting out figures

Fixed issues with Mathis's thesis and figures.


Jun 10, 2004 11:00 PM

Jun 11, 2004 11:00 PM

* Spent a while trying to get the thesis to go through pdflatex without errors. * Changed '\blurbcaption' to incorporate change in line-spacing, add a space after the caption and make the text '\footnotesize'. * Added some options to the preamble to change style of PDF anchors. * Re-wrote figure markup for each figure, using '\begin{figure}[p]' instead of '\pagebreak's and '\vfill's and changing the captions to '\blurbcaption's * Had a quick look at BibTeX references, using:: egrep -ho '\{bib:[^\}]*\}' *.tex | sort | uniq to find references. Found "TeXMed": and looked at code, which is fairly straightforward, to get a pubmed ref into BibTeX. Should be relatively straightforward to add a view to the VL to create BibTeX entries.



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