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Video card

Mathis bought a new video card capable of driving his new monitor, and needed it setting up.


Aug 08, 2004 11:00 PM

Aug 12, 2004 11:00 PM

Monday: 3.25hrs Spent some time round at Ashmore Rd trying to sort out the old card, to not much success. Eventually found out that the monitor needed DVI to drive it at full resolution, so Mathis ordered one. Checked printer, finally working. Tried k3b and that worked too. Showed Mathis how to reach his laptop using samba in kde, smb://, as well as reaching ellen using his laptop \\ellen\. Went through some of the issues relating to the Spring clean and agreed to write things up. Hunted around for details on rotation. Hunted around for USB card readers. Attempted to sort out checked in OpenOffice files, which I'd forgotten to mark as binary. Wednesday: 1.5hrs Worked with Mathis in the evening to set up the new video card he'd bought. Ended up downloading drivers from ATI after the machine hung with the open-source drivers. Went through configuration for both screens and also set up for Xinerama. Thursday, Friday: 1/4hr Made incremental changes to XF86Config-4 while Mathis installed a new ethernet card, which needed setting up for DHCP. Finally got the new monitor working ok.



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