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Checking Zeck

Every so often zeck goes down. We need to figure out why, how to notice and how to bring it back up automatically. Below are some notes on updating the SpeedTouch driver.


Dec 17, 2003 12:00 AM

Dec 17, 2003 12:00 AM

Looking through the latest logs after Mathis reported that zeck had gone down, there was nothing in particular that seemed to have happened, other than a message saying "unable to load char-major-188", which is a USB related interface. The logs may have been lost when hard-rebooting zeck. Looking into the USB problem above, it may be worthwhile looking again at the method we use to bring up the internet link. Currently installed is a speedtouch RPM, version 1.1, based on the Mandrake one. There is a new RH9 specific RPM for version 1.2 which may be worthwhile trying, although it may cause difficulties doing this remotely without Mathis supervising the other end. The RPM above is referred to variously as Benoit's driver, or the "user space driver". It is easy to install, and seems to have worked fairly well over the past year. There is another driver, which is based around a kernel module, making it slightly more difficult to install. However, this driver has been incorporated into the most recent kernel (2.4.22), and there are precompiled modules available from the DAG repository for current RH9 kernels. Before last year, we used the second method, although we had problems with hotplugging not recognising the modem when the computer was booted, leading to having to unplug and plug in the modem to start the connection on boot. Todo: * Install speedtouch-1.2.rpm, as long as Mathis is available to check things at his end. * Look at installing kernel module from DAG repository.



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