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Installed Caching DNS

I installed and configured a DNS server on zeck, to get around the problem of the DNS servers changing each time the ADSL link was restarted. As a side effect, the names of the computers on the local network are now also resolvable, which removes the need to have a "hosts" file on each of the computers on the local network.


Jul 13, 2003 11:00 PM

Jul 13, 2003 11:00 PM

* Checked for installation of RedHat's caching-dns, bind, and bind-utils packages. * Read up on BIND and the redhat-config-bind utility on * Used redhat-config-bind to create a new "forward zone", setting the nameserver for to be and adding records for each of the computers, print-servers and routers on the local network. * Started the 'named' service on zeck and did rudimentary testing using, e.g.:: dig @ * Made 'named' start at boot:: chkconfig named on * Altered the '/etc/dhcpd.conf' configuration file to offer up zeck as the nameserver:: option domain-name-servers; * Restarted dhcpd. * Checked the firewall to ensure that DNS queries can be made to zeck, and ensured that the "domain" port (53) is allowed in on both the public and internal sides of the firewall, just in case external nameservers need to update us. * Reloaded the firewall.



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