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Rebuild zaurus from scratch

After inserting a CF card with a corrupt filesystem, zora seems to have lost some necessary files for networking. Instead of trying to figure out what files have gone missing, I decided to re-flash and install from scratch to a known state.


Jul 19, 2003 11:00 PM

Jul 20, 2003 11:00 PM

* Tried for a few moments to copy across the missing files, but didn't get too far. * Downloaded OZ3.2, no ram disk and flashed according to the instructions at * Set up networking for Ashbrook Rd (ESSID: any, ad-hoc mode). * Added as a feed. * Followed <a href="InstallingJCards">installing JCards instructions</a> on rebuilding to the point of installing jeode and JCards. * Jeode and JCards had to be removed then installed again, even though they were installed ok. See below for some more details. * Checked that zNetBackup was installed ok, by looking at the output of 'ipkg files znetbackup'. * Created a new ssh key, although this time I created a .ssh directory on the SD card under root, so that next time I don't have to create a key and copy it over. * Copied the key over, following the instructions in <a href="zNetBackup">installing zNetBackup</a>. * ssh to zeck with no password worked ok, but running znetbackup didn't. * Figured out that the 'rsync' command couldn't be found, even though rsync was installed. * Ran 'ipkg-link add rsync' to re-instate the symbolic links from the SD card to the main zaurus directories, thus bringing rsync back to life. Maybe this could have been used for jeode and JCards. * Confirmed that znetbackup script runs properly.



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