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Install the zNetBackup package and tweak to work in the same way as I got it to work at home.


Jun 29, 2003 11:00 PM

Jun 29, 2003 11:00 PM

* Installed the zNetBackup package from my feed. * Checked for differences in the 'znetbackup' script in '/mnt/card/root/Applications/zNetBackup': I removed a : from the line, leaving one. This enables rsync to use ssh as a transport, rather than setting up an rsync server at the other end of the link. * Changed the script, removing the : from the line which invokes rsync. * Changed some settings in the 'options' file:: HOMEIP=eth0 RSYNC_USER=root RSYNC_OPTS="-e ssh --archive --compress -v -P" RSYNC_MODULE_DATA=/usr/local/zaurus-backup/data RSYNC_MODULE_FULL=/usr/local/zaurus-backup/full * Generated public / private keypair on Zaurus to enable passwordless login to zeck:: ssh-keygen -t rsa * Pressed return for default location of keyfile, and return twice when asked for passphrase to leave it blank. * Copied text of /root/.ssh/ to zeck:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys * Checked that ssh from zaurus to zeck works without password. * Tried running znetbackup script manually on zaurus. * Realised that it copies the symlinks across, must change the (and dirs.full?) files to point to the fully qualified paths of the directories to copy, not the symlinked ones.



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