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Virtual Library Round II

After meeting up with Mathis, I carried on working at the Virtual Library. The documents are now there, and it is searchable. There are currently some problems dealing with unicode characters.


Oct 19, 2003 11:00 PM

Oct 20, 2003 11:00 PM

Monday 20th -- 4:14 hours Tuesday 21st -- 4:25 hours. Also spent a short while working on the new Zaurus, Friday 24th -- 0:49 * All documents under /home/Library on zeck have been added, along with their date, title and author where present. * Documents can be browsed using the tree based index (even though it's a tree, a document can be in more than one place), so you can e.g. dig down to Year/1991 to see "Cyclic regulation of CD45..." * If you are not logged in, you can log in by clicking on the log-in link at the bottom right of the page. This lets you access more options like being able to edit documents and review submissions. * Searching seems to work -- I need to check what the syntax of the search expression is, e.g. can you use "AND/OR", wildcards etc. * All documents are currently of type "Article", although this can be changed to one of the standard BiBTeX document types. * On editing a document, the user can search for matches against the title, author and date using the e-utilities to get back the Pubmed ID, abstract and update the title / date if necessary. * Currently, editing doesn't work for some documents, which seems to be due to non-ascii characters in the document or its metadata. * I've written code to upload all documents under a given directory, missing out those which hash to the same value, so there's a very small chance that a document won't be uploaded this way even if it's a different document. You can still submit the document in the normal way. * I've also written code to search for all documents without a PubMed ID and search using e-utils, filling out the metadata only if there's a single match. * I haven't tested much other functionality since I'm going to rely on you to break it :) Amongst other things, there is fuctionality to give users role-based permissions for submitting documents, reviewing documents etc. * I just added a note to the home page of the library [1] showing the number of documents currently in the library. * The main thing blocking progress is the problem above with non-ascii characters. I need to track down where this is happening so that I can work around it.



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