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Virtual Library

Working on the Virtual Library user story.


Oct 08, 2003 11:00 PM

Oct 09, 2003 11:00 PM

* Checked that DocumentLibrary product works as expected. * Fixed some bugs with DocumentLibrary: remembers topic but doesn't show it. * Added PubMed ID field. * Worked on using e-utilities to search for a title/author/year and return metadata including pubmed ids. * Found problem when adding developed python function as an external module; updating Zope to 2.6.2 * Created page, linked to from document edit page, which searches using title and date and author and shows list of matches. * Set up so that user can pick a match and "use" it, which currently only fills in the pubmedid (without saving). <hr /> * Wrote code for adding a document from the local filesystem, pulling out the current metadata encoded in the filename. All a bit of a headache. * Wrote code for adding all files under a directory. * Updated e-tools match page to send back titles, authors and dates to the document_edit page. * Found out how to get abstract back with e-fetch. <hr /> Outstanding: * fill out default topic * send back abstract info to document_edit * upload rest of files * write tool to automatically go through all documents without pubmed_id, call the e-tools page, find out if there's a single match and if so apply the data found to the document.



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