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Post Portugal

Mathis came round to get up to date with the latest developments.


Sep 29, 2003 11:00 PM

Sep 29, 2003 11:00 PM

Prioritising things to do: 1. Put JCards on ellen 2. Put gnucash on ellen 3. Simple, secure web based database for patient data (name, ID, comment, ?reminder, ??graphics import). 4. Virtual library, starting with figuring out if DocumentLibrary is good enough by uploading loads of files. 5. New clamshell zaurus 6. zeck USB hotplug, to test pulling out and plugging back in the modem. We also fixed the installation of microemacs by linking to Need to figure out how to set up a mailserver on zeck. Installing JCards on ellen * Added to the list of apt repositories available from ellen: * Copied following to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jpackage.list:: # JPackage java rpms rpm [JPackage] 1.5/generic free rpm-src [JPackage] 1.5/generic free non-free rpm [JPackage] 1.5/redhat-8.0 free rpm-src [JPackage] 1.5/redhat-8.0 free * Copied following to /etc/apt/vendors.list.d/jpackage.list:: simple-key "JPackage" { Fingerprint "1F81C0FBC2B822B3DE1233A45C6CFFF7C431416D"; Name "JPackage Project (JPP Official Keys) <>"; } * Imported jpackage key:: cd /tmp/ wget rpm --import jpackage.asc gpg --import jpackage.asc * Updated apt metadata with 'apt-get update' * Installed latest java with 'apt-get install java-1.4.2-sun' (rpm is on floop due to licensing issues).



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