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Curriculum Vitæ

Alexander James Tucker BSc MSc
172 Pineapple Road, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2TY
Home: +44 121 472 7782. Mobile: +44 771 258 2947.
Date of birth: 3rd September, 1970
Marital status: Single
Driving licence: Full & clean


Jun 2003 – Current
Self employed IT Consultant, Birmingham, UK

Self employed IT consultant, specialising in linked data and the Semantic Web for semantic interoperability and information integration across the enterprise.  I have successfully completed projects for QinetiQ, the UK MoD, the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), Envitia, Stardog, and the Office for National Statistics. 

Most recently I have been working with the NCI Agency as an enterprise architect and subject matter expert to design and test high level architectures for enterprise-wide data integration in support of multiple NATO communities of interest. My contribution to these projects has been comprehensive, from offering expert technical support, leading the day-to-day technical analysis and development, presentations to important customers, to the development of tools, test frameworks, ontologies, web services and web applications, and ultimately authoring documents to be used as enterprise policy.

Feb 2014 – Jul 2016
Data Architect for BBC, Cardiff, Wales

Responsible for consulting with a large number of diverse cultural heritage institutions on publishing Linked Open Data. Developed BBC's Shakespeare Archive Resource, a teaching resource providing access to BBC archives and doing real-time data integration from multiple sources of Linked Open Data. Developed tools and processes for linked data validation. Produced recommendations on technical approaches to licensing and provenance.

Jun 2001 – May 2003
Information Scientist for QinetiQ Ltd., Malvern, UK

I was the technical lead for an MoD funded project proposing novel, semantic web based, information management techniques for tactical intelligence.

I was quickly promoted to a level 5, where my role also involved supporting a successful bid for a follow on project, numerous customer presentations, a report on recommendations for information representation and distributed intelligence databases, as well as supporting the MoD as UK technical lead in an international working group.

February – June 2001
Freelance web developer for Institute of Cancer Studies, Birmingham, UK

I was responsible for developing internal web applications supporting over 300 students and staff using the Zope web application server.

Jul 2000 – Feb 2001
Senior Developer for Show Business Software Ltd., London

Show Business develop group-ware business intelligence and performance management applications for use with the Lotus Notes/Domino platform. They are a Lotus Business Partner with worldwide sales.

I was responsible for designing and redeveloping their software to be network enabled across multiple platforms. This involved specifying and implementing a component based architecture using client side signed Java applets with a Domino back end.

Mar 1999 – Jun 2000
Commercial Programmer for HyperSpace Ltd., Birmingham, UK

HyperSpace was a small startup company providing innovative virtual-reality visualisation applications. I had a senior role in a team of four, developing in Visual C++ with judicious use of COM, ATL, STL and MFC under Windows NT.

Alongside the main application, the scope of the projects I was involved in was large and gave me the chance to use many of my talents to the full. I used my mathematical background in 3D computational geometry in order to develop a scripting language and parser for control of complex 3D movement and special effects. I also used my background in cryptography to analyse protocols for authenticated data transfer and micro-payments. I was quick to learn, research and implement new technologies, especially XML, XSL, DOM and knowledge management (RDF) techniques for data mining and web searching.

Sep 1996 – Dec 1998
Demonstrator / Tutor for University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
I was a lab based demonstrator and tutor for three courses within the department of computer science on: Standard ML, Turbo Pascal and MS Office applications.
May 1996 – Jun 1998
Freelance projects engineer for ITN Ltd., London

Involved with a number of projects, including the development of time-line software to remote control various pieces of equipment for the election coverage in 97. Most development was in Delphi under Windows 95/NT, although a wide range of tools were used, from Z8 assembly and Kyle C for an embedded realtime microcontroller, through to Turbo Pascal for DOS based IPX/SPX client-server development. Gained much experience working to tight deadlines with changing specifications.


Sep 1996 – Dec 1998
PhD Research in Theoretical Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

Research into a proof system specialised to cope with state based and sequential/parallel reasoning. The core areas are linear logic and category theory. I was also involved with project ‘xSLAM’ within the department. I presented a paper on my research at the ESSLLI ‘98 student session in Saarbrcken, Germany.

I was the PhD student representative for two years; and I took an active part in helping the school and students with Linux installation and administration.

Sep 1994 – Sep 1995
MSc Computer Studies (distinction), University of Essex.

A 12 month conversion course thoroughly covering C, database analysis & design, foundations of artificial intelligence and PC/Unix systems and architecture. The final four months was spent writing a dissertation and program in the functional language Miranda to explore the transformation from informal specification to formal proof derivations in a constructive logic.

Sep 1989 – Jul 1993
BSc Mathematics (IIii), University of East Anglia.

Specialising in pure mathematics including number theory and cryptography, finite groups and combinatorics, Galois theory. The degree included three courses in numerical methods and operations research using Pascal. As part of the Erasmus scheme, the third year was spent in France.

Sep 1991 – Aug 1992
Université de Bordeaux, France.
Studying mathematics and French.
Sep 1987 – Jul 1989
Hornsea College of Higher Education..

5 A levels: Maths (A), Physics (B), General Studies (C), Further Maths (D), Chemistry (E).

Sep 1983 – Jul 1987
Hornsea School.

11 O levels including Maths, English, French and Control Technology.


Architecture & Development

Excellent Java, Scala and C++ OO/functional skills using agile development practices. Much experience with both Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs as well as core MS components. Excellent C and low level coding experience. Conversant in a variety of both procedural and declarative languages on various platforms including JavaScript, Python, Perl, Prolog and ML.

Much of my work covers the full life-cycle from initial scoping, design and architecture through to development and deployment.  From my research and background I have excellent modelling skills which I apply using various tools from UML, Eclipse, XML Schema, RDF and OWL.


Good background in electronics and low-level computer hardware. Much of the project work at ITN involved using oscilloscopes and data-scopes to identify hardware related communication problems. I have kept these skills fresh with home automation projects using Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.

Networking & Internet

Excellent internet and web skills, grounded with a deep understanding of the underlying protocols from TCP/IP, to DNS-SD to HTTP and SOAP.  I have experience with a wide range of communications protocols and hardware, gleaned from time spent making diverse pieces of hardware and software interoperate.

Much experience with network and system administration on Linux.  I currently administer a number of RedHat Enterprise Linux servers to keep various websites and services continuously available.


Quick to learn and solve abstract problems. Ability to read and understand highly technical issues.  Can work independantly using my own initiative.  Keen exponent of the semantic web and knowledge management frameworks, especially for the application of theory and logic.


As a father of two, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my children, playing, biking, painting, cooking and generally learning about the world. I am keen on DIY, from car/house maintenance through to computer hardware and electronics. My home computer network of various Linux boxes includes a multimedia TV and music system as well as a VoIP phone system and a remote control central heating system I developed along with an Android based client.  I am enjoying the trend towards physical computing, getting Arduinos to talk to different devices. I also enjoy reading, watching art-house type films, playing classical guitar, badminton, cooking, attending music concerts and visiting new and interesting places.


Tucker A. (1998) Categorical Modelling of a State Oriented version of Linear Logic, Proceedings of the Third ESSLLI Student Session
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