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Project folder for codename Eagle, a core set of semantic web standards capable components for distributed search and reasoning.
Core Standards
Project Eagle is based entirely on Open Standards, most of which are Semantic Web standards from the World Wide Web Consortium.
Core Components
We will use the term "components" rather than "services", to enforce the idea that the system parts are re-usable and exchangeable.
Project Name
A project needs a name.
Plone and SPARQL
One side to the Plone/SPARQL coin is to let Plone expose its catalog as a SPARQL endpoint. The other side lets Plone/Zope access remote SPARQL endpoints and deal with result sets.
Ontology Driven Distributed SPARQL
Plone Ontologies
Plone as a SPARQL endpoint will need, at least conceptually, some ontologies. To be a truly dynamic set of components, we should be able to build our ontologies programmatically based on the underlying schemas. Here's a stab at describing the mapping between Plone's portal_catalog and OWL.
Image PNG image Source & Ontology Class Diagram
A simple class diagram showing the Source and Ontology classes with attributes.
Ontology Content Type for Plone
Plone is a natural choice for managing ontologies and to act as an ontology repository.
Discovering SPARQL

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