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Core Standards

Project Eagle is based entirely on Open Standards, most of which are Semantic Web standards from the World Wide Web Consortium.

By using Open Standards, the implementation of the components of project Eagle as well as any components or services which we use, is fully decoupled from any one specific vendor. This allows for maximal flexibility and choice of existing off the shelf sub-components with which to build our components, as well as minimal impact on any third party service providers who are again free to use existing Open Standards based implementations or create their own without the cost of buying into a vendor standard.

Semantic Web Standards


for ontology driven interfaces and classifying over retrieved information.
 for a uniform representation and packaging of information.
for a uniform query language which can be used both for ABox and TBox queries.
(specifically DL safe rules) for rules to make explicit interpretations between disparate information models.


Other Standards

for light-weight, peer to peer service discovery.
for simple intra-component communication as well as for web based client server interaction providing a rich and responsive user experience.



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