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Ethos is the trusted ontology repository in project Eagle.

Project Description


Project Eagle is a set of re-usable components which together form a platform for discovering, querying, and fusing together Semantic Web based information sources. Ethos is a core component which hosts "trusted" ontologies.

Ontologies form the foundations of the Semantic Web and end users need to be able to trust that those foundations are firm. Ethos allows the management of ontologies and uses a work-flow process to ensure that before an ontology is published for use, it has been properly validated. This validation is done using computer assisted techniques which catch common modelling and syntactic errors and which can be augmented with customised steps.

Ethos offers the following capabilities out of the box:

  • Fully fledged content management system.
  • An "ontology" content type which parses OWL ontologies as they are added to extract metadata.
  • A SPARQL interface to all the metadata in the system.
  • The repository dynamically registers itself using Bonjour for instant discovery by clients.

As with the rest of Project Eagle, Ethos is an Open Source product in its own right, and builds on top of existing Open Source products such as Plone, Zope, Python, RDFlib, 4Suite.

Current Release

No stable release available yet.

If you are interested in getting the source code of this project, you can get it from the Code repository .

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