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Tomcat Registry

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Tomcat Registry dynamically registers information about Tomcat hosted servlets using Bonjour service discovery.

Project Description

Tomcat Registry

Project Eagle is a set of re-usable components which together form a platform for discovering, querying, and fusing together Semantic Web based information sources. Tomcat Registry is an optional component to dynamically register information about Tomcat hosted servlets using Bonjour.

Project Eagle uses the Bonjour service discovery protocols for registering and discovering data sources over the internet. Bonjour is based on DNS and as such is a highly scalable and distributed mechanism, well suited for internet scale applications.

The Tomcat Registry is a simple web application which can be used to dynamically register Tomcat hosted servlets in a Bonjour domain. As the servlets are started and stopped, their registration details are published or retracted respectively.

Current Release

No stable release available yet.

If you are interested in getting the source code of this project, you can get it from the Code repository .

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